Insane Eddy

What do you do when you’re late for the Saturday group ride? You hit the pedals, take shortcuts and do everything you can to overtake the peloton, of course.

In “Insane Eddy”, former Belgian trials champion Iciar van den Bergh takes you on the wildest gravel ride ever. His spectacular pursuit takes him through historic villages, beautiful landscapes, straight through gardens and factories, and over the biggest slag heap in Belgium. But is it enough to catch up with the pack?

“Insane Eddy” is a short film by Iciar van den Bergh and Fine Line Media with support from Trek, Vedett, Decca Sportswear and Bavet.

The 8.5-minute video is the first Dutch-Belgian bicycle film of its kind and combines a playful story with humor and unique bicycle stunts, some of which have never been done before. Riding underwater, swinging from ropes and cables and freeriding on a gravel bike. Nothing is too crazy for Insane Eddy.

“The zipline is one of the craziest things I’ve ever done on a bike”, says Iciar van den Bergh. “We weren’t sure if it was going to work but after a lot of trial and error, we finally managed to get it done. We were super stoked when I successfully made it down for the first time but I then had to do it another 30 times to get all the different angles. I had to pull up really hard to not let the bike immediately hit the ground upon take-off. I’ve never had such a sore core in my life.”

“Our goal was to combine unique and funny scenes with spectacular stunts and we often had to find creative solutions to realise those ideas”, says Tobias Pieffers of Fine Line Media. “With the zipline, the front wheel kept turning sideways as soon as Iciar took off, making the landing pretty much impossible. We fixed this by taping the handlebar in a fixed position, which helped, but brought along its own set of difficulties. And for the swimming pool scene, we had to weigh the bike down in every possible way to keep Iciar upright while riding over the bottom of the pool. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and immensely grateful to the companies and volunteers who helped us turn our crazy ideas into reality.”

Watch the movie HERE


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